How to learn ASP.NET Core?

Learning ASP.NET used to be fairly straightforward. You’d create a new WebForms project and that was it, you were up and running.

What to focus on when learning ASP.NET Core?

Ok, When you start training in ASP.Net Core or learning directly from online you have many choices to start with it.

  • MVC, Razor Pages or API?
  • If API, which SPA? Angular, React, Vue or something else
  • Typescript or Javascript
  • Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code?

No wonder you can’t decide where to start, but start you must, so what to do? After too much option any one will little confuse  what to do? Where to start? & How to start?

Many people will ask you to go & get Training in Institute or learn from any tutorial

When you go with any person or to more people they will give you answer or suggestion based on their experience & preferences & from front end development in ASP.Net Core you may be get answers like go with Angular (Angular js) or some will give you suggestion to go with React js & some will say go with Vue.js.

You need a way to decide for yourself what to learn & in which technology get training

Here’s the good news. This moment of indecision is the worst part of the process.

This is the moment where your uncertainty about the enormity of the task ahead weighs heaviest.

So I like to give you suggestion as ASP.Net Core Developer take on blank piece or paper.

Once you start to learn you will get better idea that all things are depends on project & it’s tasks. So every developer in every technology decide many things based on project.

Which one to start with?

Now you’re still going to want to figure out whether to try server-side or API + client first.

These criteria can help you decide.

1. Jobs availability in Ahmedabad

If you’re looking to eventually get a job building ASP.NET applications it might pay to do a little research into the jobs available to you.

One way is to hit one of the online jobs sites (Indeed, Monster etc.) and see what .net jobs are listed in your local area.

This will, at the very least, give you a sense of what direction the wind’s blowing.

2. Previous experience

Perhaps you already have some html and javascript experience.

In which case you may prefer to stick to what you know and plump for an API with javascript/html client.

Of maybe you’ve used server-side frameworks before and would like to start there.

Bear in mind, whether you choose server-side or client-app you’ll still be writing a lot of code which looks suspiciously like html, whether it’s in a Razor page/view or as JSX in a React component.

Similarly, Typescript and Javascript are ever closer in syntax and features so much of what you learn will transfer across.

3. The simplest option

If you have no compelling reasons to choose one or the other, you’ll probably find there are less “moving parts” if you start with ASP.NET MVC/Razor Pages.

And finally, if you still can’t decide, starting is more important than choosing the “right” option, so roll a dice and move along!

Which javascript framework?

If you opt for the API + Client stack, you’re left with this inevitible conundrum.

The biggest danger, is that you’ll end up trying to learn too much at once (Web API, ASP.NET, Data Access AND <insert-javascript-framework-here>).

Your plan for learning ASP.NET

  1. Pick an interesting and “buildable” side project
  2. Choose one of the two main architectures (“stacks”)
  3. Identify one tiny feature (simple, few moving parts)
  4. Figure out how to build that feature (simplest possible implementation)
  5. Make sure to keep your controller actions (and/or Razor Page code) minimal
  6. Repeat steps 3-5
  7. Switch architecture (stack) when you feel like you want to try something different

Try it out and let me know how you get on 🙂

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