HTML5 Training in Ahmedabad

TechnoNIC provides real-time and placement focused html training in Ahmedabad . Our HTML5 css course includes basic to advanced level and our html course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in ahmedabad as quickly as once you complete the html css javascript training course. Our html trainers are HTML5 css certified experts and 5 years experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple HTML projects knowledge. We have designed our html course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal.
TechnoNIC a leading HTML5 training institute in Ahmedabad provides participants with the knowledge and skills to develop HTML5 web applications. HTML5 certification course is intended for entry-level HTML Developers who have a basic but limited understanding of HTML and who are interested in learning core HTML5 Programming skills that are required to successfully create web applications.
Our HTML Training Center is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide HTML certification training path for our students in Ahmedabad. Our HTML course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student’s training requirements. HTML training in Ahmedabad conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.
Course Outline:
Introduction to HTML5

  • Overview of HTML5 New Features
  • Background and purpose of HTML5
  • Current Browser Support
  • HTML5 examples

Creating HTML5 Pages

  • Semantic mark-up tags
  • The new DOCTYPE, charset and metatags
  • Attributes in HTML5
  • Additional tags and attributes

HTML5 Content

  • The HTML5 outline model
  • New Structural Tags (header, nav, section, article, aside, footer)
  • Headings and Content (hgroup)
  • New Semantic Tags
  • HTML5 Validation

HTML5 Forms

  • New input types
  • Form validation
  • Required fields
  • Placeholder Data

Video and Audio

  • The HTML5 video and audio elements
  • Understanding video and audio
  • Video and audio containers
  • Video and audio codecs

CSS Layout

  • The box model
  • Creating columns and rows with divs
  • Creating flexible boxes

Layout and Design with CSS3

  • Setting out with CSS3
  • Controlling Page Layout
  • Backgrounds, borders, colours, and text
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • Using Web Fonts
  • Media queries
  • Debugging CSS issues

Overview of advanced topics:

  • Canvas
  • SVG

HTML5 training in TechnoNIC Ahmedabad, provides the students a hands on experience on the language from the basics to advance real time project demonstration. Our practical and real time HTML5 project scenarios training helps students to work better on Website Designing projects. Our HTML5 training program helps every student to achieve their goal in Web designing career. As one of the top institutes in Ahmedabad,We designed the course in easy and elegant for the students. The training provided here helps the students to get immediate placement after course completion.
HTML Training Course Content
Introduction to HTML:

  • This course aims to provide a thorough introduction to HTML, the core language for the web.
  • This course cuts through the jargon, explaining the concepts and techniques used to create modern web pages, and teaches you how to write and edit code in the most up to date and efficient way
  • By the end of the course you will have the confidence to create a working website from scratch and you will have learned the principals behind accessibility, search engine optimisation, HTML email and presentational techniques using CSS (cascading stylesheets)


  • Website structure
  • why you should use standards – usability and accessibility issues, About web browsers
  • Optimising pages for search engines

HTML Basics:

  • The differences between HTML and XHTML
  • Principals of HTML – element structure, tags and properties
  • Writing good code – rules and conventions
  • Essential HTML elements and their properties


  • Optimising web graphics – JPEG, GIF & PNG
  • Getting images from Photoshop
  • Setting image properties via HTML


  • Understanding relative and absolute paths, email and external links, named anchors
  • Creating internal navigation for a website
  • Using images as links

Design and layout techniques:

  • Efficient and practical page design
  • Translating graphic design into code
  • Working with Div tags for page layouts

Creating HTML emails:

  • Things to avoid in email
  • Designing for simplicity and functionality
  • Using server based images
  • Using simple tables for layout
  • Writing inline styles

Cascading Style sheets:

  • Formatting text – changing typeface, size and colour
  • Using Classes and IDs
  • Controlling spacing, page width and other layout properties
  • Setting background properties
  • Units of measurement: Fixed vs relative
  • Hyperlink styles

Beyond the Basics:

  • Creating an enquiry form and linking to an online script
  • Adding a Google map
  • About HTML 5 and other new developments
  • About relevant technologies – PHP, Javascript, Flash etc.
  • Using Classes
  • Setting Margins
  • Setting background properties
  • Units of measurement: Fixed and relative
  • Hyperlink styles

HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Mark-up language (HTML), which includes css3 and Java Script. This version has enabled us to do many things which are not possible with earlier versions. It is known fact that iphones and ipads don’t support flash content, they supports only html5 content. In HTML5 some smart Meta tags are there they optimize the content for mobiles.