TOEFL Training in Ahmedabad

The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) actions a non-indigenous English speaker’s communication capacity which is most often used by high school, undergraduate and graduate admissions cell. The TOEFL exam is accepted by over 8,500 universities Universities as well as other establishments in about a hundred thirty countries, which includes just about all leading universities in the U.S.UK, Canada and Australia.
TOEFL Training In Ahmedabad offers extensive coverage on all topics. Our Trainer will examine key fundamentals, the right approach, effective solving techniques and test-taking strategies. No stone will be left unturned! Expect plenty of interaction and practice from the leading TOEFL specialist.
You will receive all the study materials that you will need to ace your TOEFL. Access extensive notes, cheat sheets, practice questions, mock tests and vocabulary lists! Our learning systems are constantly updated by our highly experienced in-house R&D team. So you can be assured that you will be in touch with the latest techniques and testing trend. We maintain a well-stocked resource library that our students have full access to.
The TOEFL comprises four sections – Reading, writing, listening and speaking:
3 passages / Approximately 39 questions / 60 minutes or 5 passages/ Approximately 65 questions / 100 minutes.
Independent task that asks you to write an essay in about 250 words in 30 minutes / Integrated task that asks you to Read, Listen, Comprehend the information in both and write an essay in about 150 words in 20 minutes.
Academic Lectures and Campus Conversations have to be listened to and questions need to be answered.
There are 6 questions in speaking; 2 of which require only speaking, 2 of which require to Read, Listen, Comprehend and speak and 2 of which require you to listen and speak.
Our top scores do most of the talking. Unlike other institutions, TechnoNIC does not regard the TOEFL as just another examination. We realize that the TOEFL is a serious investment which could yield bountiful returns in the future career of the student in the form of Scholarship and grants. We realize that the TOEFL is a passport to a bright future and therefore TechnoNIC orients all its activities to ensure that the students return solid scores in the TOEFL. In a nutshell for TechnoNIC, results are everything.
Our TOEFL Training Centers in India are located at Ahmedabad. All the centers are well equiped with all the necessary infra structure and state of art computer lab. TOEFL classes in Ahmedabad TechnoNIC are rated as one of the best for result oriented training.